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Custom WordPress Website Vs BYO Theme

It’s essential to consider your design when creating a website. The fact remains that consumers now expect aesthetically pleasing designs when using the internet, even though it’s true that functionality and content play a big part in the user experience.

You’ll quickly learn that, as a WordPress website owner, you have certain design choices to make. Do you choose a BYO WordPress theme/ custom web design, specifically? At 001 Web, we are the preferred web design and development partners for Western Sydney.

We offer the best WordPress Custom website designs but like to provide our clients with all the necessary information to make a well-informed decision. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both so you can choose what’s best for your target audience, needs, and budget.

Pros and Cons of Custom WordPress Website Vs BYO Theme

BYO Themes

A pre-built design that was produced primarily for the WordPress platform is known as a BYO theme. Both premium and free themes are available, and their costs can be adjusted to match any budget. WordPress themes are available with a wide range of features and aesthetics to accommodate almost any need.

Pros Of A BYO WordPress Theme

  • Significantly cheaper
  • Some customisation options
  • No skills needed
  • Faster
  • Scalable
  • Long-term support
  • SEO friendly

Cons Of A BYO WordPress Theme

  • No extensive customisation
  • A DIY solution, so you need to manage/hire someone for installation and customisation

WordPress Custom Designs

A custom design is when a WordPress website is created entirely from scratch. Typically, you start from scratch with a professional website designer or developer to create your website. This calls for extensive expertise in both front and back-end development.

The web design is far more flexible and distinctive because it was created with the demands of the particular website in mind. There won’t be another site like it, and it has all the functionality you need. However, all of these customisations by the best WordPress developers have a price.

Pros of WordPress Custom Design

  • Built for your needs
  • Unique
  • Greater support

Cons of WordPress Custom Design

  • More expensive than BYO
  • Take longer to build
  • Additional cost of future support

Which WordPress Design Choice Will Work For You?

Which choice is best for your website now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages? As with most everything, there are several elements to consider, including your current budget, time constraints, and specific website requirements.

Skip the BYO theme and go straight to a custom designer if you have a sizable, flexible budget and a long list of adjustments. Highly skilled UI/UX designers can create unique websites that fit your requirement like a glove.

At 001Web, we have seen that many businesses benefit from customised web design options, while others can work well with a BYO theme. For more information about our customised WordPress design solutions, web apps, and Shopify websites, please call us at 1300 205244 or via this Contact Us form. We will respond promptly and offer the best solutions.