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How to Continue Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

The current coronavirus outbreak has significantly changed our usual approaches to social media marketing. For one thing, people’s priorities have shifted dramatically. What used to be important “needs” such as designer clothing and vacation packages are no longer in demand today.

Additionally, the current global landscape has made people worried about the future. With so much uncertainty and confusion around, what might have been considered important information in the past is no longer relevant.

That being said, how exactly can a business owner continue to use social media to effectively promote their brand and serve its customers? The answer is in adopting a new strategy that is based on what’s important these days: health and financial security.

The Market’s Biggest Priorities Today

Any type of marketing requires a deep understanding of the customers’ needs. Today, those are health and financial security for most people. This means that your business has to reflect those concerns in its social media marketing strategies in order to remain competitive.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Your business might not be a part of the healthcare industry, but that doesn’t mean that the effects of the coronavirus don’t apply to you. You need to let your customers know that you are doing your part in contributing to the crisis’ resolution. You do this by highlighting the precautions you have put in place to ensure that your business is minimizing the risks to its employees and customers.
  2. As for financial stability, one way you can keep in line with this is by offering more manageable pricing. You can provide flexible payment terms, discounted rates, or the option for deferred and staggered payments. These will allow your business to continue to serve people’s needs while also lessening the burdens they face.

Now, what do these have to do with social media?

The abovementioned points apply to your social media marketing strategies in the sense that they represent your new approach. You need to be considerate of these things so that the messages you put out on these platforms are relevant to the situation we’re all facing.

If you can incorporate any of the activities listed above into your operation, then make sure you inform your followers about them. Doing so allows your business to remain at the forefront of people’s minds while simultaneously addressing their needs and your own.

But, what if these things don’t apply to my business?

It’s not a hopeless situation even in that case. Another thing many people are looking for is a glimmer of hope in these challenging times. While your business may not be able to fully deliver that on its own, you can publish posts that provide a certain level of optimism for the future.

Spread a message of positivity through your social media pages. Offer people with ways to cope and spend their time productively. Give information something to take their mind off of things even if for a short while. All of these can help keep your brand strong, present, and most importantly, valuable.


As a final word of advice, remember to be sensitive to the situations that your audiences might find themselves in. Show some empathy and be considerate of the fact that not everyone is fortunate enough to continue on. This way, you can continue to maintain your social media presence without hurting your reputation.

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