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How to Use Social Media for Small Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Haven’t we all been there wearing multiple hats while growing our small businesses, knowing that those extra hours and all-nighters will give us the success we’re aiming for? I understand the pressure and stress that every new business owner feels when they’re starting a new venture because I was once a new business owner too.

The thrill of launching a new product, putting out the marketing campaigns, and hoping for the traffic to trickle in so that you see your sales goals smashed is a feeling like no other. And while the hustle as a small business owner never stops, it doesn’t mean that you can’t automate or expand your channels of marketing.

One of the biggest struggles small business owners face is finding the time to put into the research and development of new or existing products, as marketing or growth development becomes the main focus. I mean, we all need that coin to make sure the boat remains afloat, so automatically growth and sales become the main focus.

However, to ensure that your business achieves steady growth, you will have to improve your services, and accordingly, market them to the targeted audience. For instance, a restaurant business might have to provide world-class services and use quality tools and equipment such as utensils, cookware, cambro food containers, coffee machine, blender, cooking tops, etc. These unique facilities can be marketed to potential customers through traditional and digital promotional methods as well as through influencer marketing to attract the right type of population.

So, there are many ways for business owners to focus on their strong points like design, product development, or research. One of the best ways to grow your small business is through social media, and often it takes one viral post to become front and centre on your targeted audience’s feed. Of course, social media growth can be manufactured too, with the help of the right tools. For example, Plixi or Upleap are being used by many businesses to help them grow their online presence.

So, social media is a gold mine for marketing people, and if you’re a small business it may be the most effective way of seeing growth, sales, and tons of traffic. So the question begs:

“how does one use social media for small business?”

But most importantly “is social media effective for my brand?”

The answer for the first question is quite extensive, and I’ll delve into it in this post. The second question has a resounding yes, and if you don’t need much convincing and would like to get started immediately then Label & Mint provides profitable, effective, and engaging social media strategies for businesses in all industries.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re in retail, construction, software sales or run an animal rescue foundation, social media can do wonders for everyone. To know more on how you can get started with us, contact today to find out.

But for now, let’s see how to use social media for small business to see growth, sales and to establish online authority.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Small Business:

1. Know your demographic:

is your business targeted towards baby boomers? Are you designing products and servers more geared towards Gen Z? understanding and identifying your target audience is crucial when you’re beginning to use social for a small business. Many social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn have billions of daily active users combined, but that doesn’t mean all of them will give you the traffic you need.

Millennials are more geared towards TikTok, whereas Facebook is the favourite place for people involved in groups and communities, therefore having a basic understanding of which demographic prefers which social media, will save you the time and money you may spend on placing ads and creating content. So, if a company’s target customers are the young generation, they might take the help of digital marketing agencies that can create promoting TikTok ads (click here to see examples of such ads) for the products in collaboration with famous people on the platform.

2. Research your Competitors:

You may have seen competitors doing extremely well on Social media with their marketing campaigns, and it doesn’t a genius to figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. One of the best ways of figuring out how to use social media for small business is to see how your competitor is faring on social media platforms and for you to make decisions based on their success and failures.

In such cases, it can be wise to get a social media audit conducted, and for this matter Label & Mint can help you. Our social media experts will use advanced tools and their knowledge to conduct an audit focusing on your competitors so that you can learn from their mistakes and take inspiration from their positive actions.

Sometimes you have to take a peek at your competitors to not only get a strong footing in the playing field but to also beat them at their own game.

3. Get on with the trends:

Social media is always buzzing with new viral trends and posts that grab the attention of the majority users. And while they might seem premature, it is wise to get on that trend bandwagon in the initial stage to avoid competition. For example, Reels is a new feature on Instagram that has been taking off where viewers are actively engaging with 30-60 seconds reels. Small businesses can make use of this feature to upload high-quality videos about the company in the form of reels. They may need to take the help of a firm that provides Video Production Services in their locality. This can ensure that you upload superior-quality reels every time.

Similarly, users are more likely to engage with brands that are actively posting on their accounts and are asking for the opinions, feedbacks and answers from their users. When it comes to Facebook, the Groups option has shown to display promising sales where users actively participate in group discussions, polls and Q&As.

If you are looking for more serious leads and deal with B2B customers, then LinkedIn has shown to deliver serious leads for both B2B and B2C users. In the end, the content quality and consistent posting will allow for better growth, brand awareness and much more.

4. SEO keyword:

Lastly if you are not optimising your social media content with SEO keywords then you are doing a disservice to your brand and products. SEO keyword research can easily be conducted for specific niches and categories with my team’s access to advanced tools and techniques that allow them to provide effective data that will be used to make a foolproof SEO strategy.

SEO is key to making sure you reach the right audience all the time.

These 4 ways to use social media to grow your small business are not only effective but are just the tip of the iceberg on what can be achieved with regards to sales, growth and exposure for your business.

Use social media smartly with my team’s expertise in crafting effective social media strategies specifically for small businesses. Contact us today to setup a meeting.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]