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Is Your WordPress Website Not Sending Mail?

WordPress emails frequently fail to transmit because of how WordPress sends them by default. Alternatively, emails may send but never reach their intended recipients because they are flagged as spam.

This can disrupt all emails that your WordPress website tries to send, including password resets, notifications, WooCommerce store emails, and more. Regardless of the message type, receiving unwanted emails is never a good sign. Since we at 001 Web are familiar with the problems our customers have, we always advise them to install WP Mail SMTP, the most widely used SMTP, and PHP Mailer Plugin for WordPress.

Reasons for WordPress Website Not Sending Mail

There are often two causes of email problems on a website:

  • Emails can’t be sent because your WordPress host is set up incorrectly
  • While your emails are being sent successfully, many recipients find them in their spam rather than in their inboxes

The particular actions you take to fix an issue will vary depending on the nature of that problem; nevertheless, many of the fixes will be similar.

Fix WordPress Email Non-Deliverability Problems

It’s not only you that has had trouble with WordPress and email delivery. Due to the proliferation of spam filtering software, getting legitimate emails sent to a mailbox is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, you can adopt a few easy adjustments to ensure your WordPress site can send emails and that those emails reach their intended recipients rather than spam folders. Once you change your WordPress email settings to use WP Mail SMTP, your WordPress mail deliverability problems will be resolved permanently as it will:

1. Keep WordPress Emails From Being Flagged as Spam

If emails from your WordPress site keep getting routed to recipients’ spam folders, you might lose out on potential leads and revenues. If you don’t take advantage of them, it might hurt your bottom line significantly. Using SMTP for email authentication ensures that your messages are delivered without being blocked by overzealous spam filters.

2. Get the Most Out of Your Preferred SMTP Service’s Security When Sending Emails

When it comes to secure SMTP services, WP Mail SMTP works with the best of them. You can choose an email-sending service that fits your company’s requirements and budget, regardless of how many emails you send monthly.

3. Utilise Priority Service and White Glove Installation

Setting up WordPress SMTP might be challenging if you are not a developer or technologically inclined. WP Mail SMPT’s first-rate service team is always ready to assist you. They can handle the nitty-gritty of the technical side of things.

At 001Web, we aim to keep clients informed about how to fix minor recurring issues that are common on WordPress websites. However, we are always available to help resolve any problems or hurdles you face.

For information about our WordPress design solutions, web apps, and Shopify websites, please call us at 1300 205244 or via this Contact Us form. We will respond promptly and offer the best WordPress solutions and help with any issues you face with your site.