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Respect Your Audience’s Time by Avoiding Blogging Mistakes

Not too long ago, looking for reliable information was not quite as simple as clicking “Search” on a web browser. You would have to go to the library, look at the news, or talk to other people to get answers to your questions. In a sense, information was a rare commodity. The concept of a blog to gather information was rare, and so does the blogging mistakes.

Today, however, information is always at our fingertips. By merely going online, anyone has access to more information than they can ever need. Time is the “rare commodity” now, and that is something you must keep in mind when creating a blogging website.

Blogs are a perfect way to share information with your audience. A blog gives your readers a reason to come to you to learn new things, and it helps your business in many ways, from improving SEO to creating a positive reputation. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes surrounding blogging that can waste your reader’s time, hurting your image and your reader’s perception of your brand.

To ensure that you respect your audience’s time, here are common blogging mistakes you must avoid.

1. Not caring about what is written

If you do not care about what you write, it will show in your writing. Uninspired content is easy to spot and impossible to glean value from. When you do not care about what you write, chances are your audience will not care either.

You can try many things to ensure that your excitement for writing blogs is always high. For instance, you can get creative and look for different topics you can connect to your blogs or learn new and interesting facts from other people.

Either way, putting effort into writing exciting and inspirational blogs pays off. People notice when you love what you are doing, and they will be more than happy to read what you have to share.

2. Not incorporating your personality

If your writing is dull or mimics someone else’s writing, you will not stand out among the millions of other blog sites out there. In other words, people will not be interested in following your content anymore, which will hurt your click-through rates, ranking, and so on.

A surefire way to address this problem is to incorporate your personality when writing. For example, you can connect your experiences to current topics or provide a fresh look at different ideas. If you are up for it, you can even implement humour into your writing. Just be sure that the humour you use is original and not overdone. Otherwise, people might just get annoyed.

3. Publishing blogs every day

Many people tend to think that the only way their blogs will be successful is to pump out content every single day. While this might help, it will not do much for your success. What it will certainly do is burn you out, causing you to run out of ideas and even lose interest altogether.

Do not post a new blog every day. Instead, post one once every three days or schedule it weekly. That way, people have time to look forward to your next post, and it will help you create unique, high-value content that people will appreciate reading.


To put it simply, keep your blogs short and sweet! Spice it up with your personality and keep your writing engaging. That way, you can respect your audience’s precious time, and they become more than willing to give you their time. As a result, you can achieve any goal you may have set for your blog, whether to boost conversion rates, become a thought leader, or increase your readership.

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