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The Importance of Email Marketing In 2022

We learned that plans could change quickly during a pandemic. Tomorrow’s forecast may differ from yesterday. To stay on top of your game, you need to stay on top of the latest trends and projections. It’s not as complicated as you probably think. Digital communication and interaction with customers were a priority for many companies during the pandemic.

New email trends emerged, and email marketing enjoyed a significant boost. The increased engagement in email newsletters is undoubtedly exciting news, but as with anything worth doing, you should do it right! Keep an eye on the latest trends and apply them to your email marketing plan if you want to stay competitive.

Listed below are the top email marketing trends we will see in our inboxes in 2022.

What to Watch in Email Marketing In 2022?

Keep up with these email marketing trends to increase engagement and conversions.

1. Use user-generated content.

Increased organic traffic and conversion rates are achievable by using user-generated content. Positive feedback from various sources increases the likelihood that customers will trust an organisation, increasing their likelihood of becoming paying customers.

2. Newsletters are about more than sales.

In addition to serving as a sales conversion tool, newsletters are viewed as an essential part of every marketing strategy. Moreover, they can help you tell stories, present business insights, and communicate with your audience to show that you care, which builds your relationship. Make this your top priority!

By providing bite-sized news stories, industry updates thought leadership articles, and other fun content to your subscribers, your newsletter can provide value. It is quick and easy to summarise the main story and point out trustworthy sources, which conveys information that is digestible, interesting, and relevant enough to encourage engagement and clicks.

3. Optimise across all platforms

In our day and age, email marketing strategies should be mobile-friendly. Your email must be viewed positively wherever your consumers view it! Label and Mint can help you create campaigns that are optimised for every platform. Call us today, and our team of experts will make sure your campaign leaves the gate ready for success.

4. Sending hyper-personalised emails

Investors want to feel appreciated, like a part of the company, rather than just another cog in the wheel. The trend of personalisation is very hot right now, and its value is growing daily. Therefore, businesses will turn to hyper-personalised email campaigns rather than just customising elements of campaigns in 2022. To take advantage of this trend, follow these tips:

  • Based on user segments, recommend products or content
  • Create targeted messages and promotions
  • Recommend products and content based on user segments
  • Using visitor and shopper behavior to send notifications

5. Interactive emails are more effective

As technology advances, interactive marketing is becoming increasingly popular. You can include interactive marketing in your email campaigns easily. Among the ways it can be done are:

  • Hover-over images and GIFs
  • CTAs and animated buttons
  • User-controlled product carousels and images
  • with rollover effects to showcase offerings
  • Interactive surveys, polls, and content created by users
  • A choice of design modes (such as light or dark)
  • Game-like elements to add fun to it!

Do you feel ready to start your email marketing campaign now that you know email marketing is not only alive but also expected to thrive into the new year? Developing a campaign on your own can be challenging, so why not reach out to the professionals at As a client-focused agency, we help you succeed and grow your business. Get started today on your exciting new campaign by visiting our website or contacting us.