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Hello Western Sydney! New Venture? New Website? Need help with Content? Here are our 5 Points to Blogs & Articles

Before we begin, let us congratulate you on starting your business and looking for ways to take it to the next levels of success. Investing in an online presence with a website is equally important for small businesses in this day and age to not only break-even but to make a name for themselves as well.

But the main question is: are you a new business in Western Sydney? And are you looking to promote your brand to gain new customers or potential leads? Then look no further than Label & Mint as your trusted partner who’ll not only guide you to find everything you’re looking for but also get your website off the ground and ranked.

There is so much at stake when you’re a new business, you’re still testing the waters with the strategies you’ve implemented, the marketing tactics and all, but when you can find someone who knows the ins and outs of getting your website ranked through SEO why bother yourself?

The individual members of Label & Mint have been trusted partners to many organisations of different sizes for many years and still are. Join forces with us in creating blogs and articles for your website that’ll help you grow faster.

Here is how!

Lead Generation via your Blogs & Articles starts with Excellent Content

Have you ever thought what kind of impression your website will be making on your customers the first time they click on it? Sure, investing in a good theme, fonts, colour scheme and all that matters a lot but after all the surface level details how will you make sure they stick around?

A website is the modern day equivalent to a brick and mortar store, but your content is the sales person that will make your customer actually buy the product/service you’re selling. We cannot stress enough how important it is to write good content for your website as you’re figuring out the shiny gimmicks for it as well.

A modern looking website with a cool design and tons of features may only see a rise in traffic with a rise in bounce rate as well if the information on it isn’t useful to the reader. Writing content that answers all the questions your potential client had – while looking it up in the search engine – will make sure that they stick around long enough to convert into a lead.

 This also means that the content you write should be catchy, create suspense, have a few plot twists and reveals the killer exactly when the moment is right like those who-dunnit movies. Okay, okay, we know we’re talking about writing an effective web copy and complementing blogs and articles but that also means you need to let out the creative within you.

Label & Mint knows exactly how to grab the attention of your potential client with catchy headlines followed by the information your customer wants.

So partner up with Label & Mint in Western Sydney to write content for you and promote it at 18c per word – name a better deal I’ll wait.

Effective Keyword research sets the path

Okay we couldn’t wait that long, cause we haven’t mentioned the most important part of writing: keyword research!

Yes, the backbone of SEO is keyword research, but most importantly finding out what exactly your targeted audience is looking up and optimising your website according to those keywords. You can have a beautifully designed website, some awesome content written but if you’re not including the keywords that are specific to your niche, how will you get that organic traffic or the buzz in analytics?

Effective keyword research will determine how well your website rises not only in terms of traffic but getting ranked in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as well. More than 95% traffic on a search engine only clicks on the links on the first page, the remaining go to the second page.

We want to be featured on the first page, not the second right? Because as a business you need traffic that’ll convert into potential leads and successful sales. That is how your brand will grow, your sales will increase and you’ll meet all your sales goal too.

As a new or small business, Label & Mint can help you by providing SEO services and help find the correct keywords for the niche you’re in. The goal of keyword research is to find ones that have high volume not for single words or ambiguous terms but long tail keywords that will lead to more authentic traffic and hit the right kind of audience that can benefit from your website and services.

Use Label & Mint as the perfect partner for SEO within Western Sydney while we write the perfect content with the right amount of keywords to bring in potential clients.
Best of all, we also offer a FREE assessment of your current website’s position, including insights against competitors.

Offering downloadable assets and using Call to Actions within blogs to help promote these assets

Call to Actions are important to generate instant leads or to gain emails of potential leads. It is a fancy word for adding buttons on your website that will require a certain action on the part of the customer like signing up for a newsletter, taking a quiz, or purchasing a service.

By including Call to Actions you’ll be seeing a rise in conversions as more than 70% of small businesses miss out on implementing Call to Actions in their websites.

But it isn’t as simple as adding a button with a “Click Here”, “Buy Now” text on it while assuming you’ve sealed the deal of raising your sales conversions to new dimensions. It requires a bit more effort than that.

You have to give incentives to your readers in order to invoke a sense of urgency that’ll lead them to click that button or download assets. Tell them how they will be benefiting by clicking on that golden button of knowledge that’ll reveal the doors to success… or something along those lines.

The point isn’t to be dramatic but to be persuasive enough to drive users to either sign up for your newsletter, buy your service, get your content shared, or simply to boost sales. Call to Actions are vital for small business, especially the examples we just mentioned, and if you’re confused on where to start; Label & Mint knows exactly what will work for you once you partner with us for SEO in Western Sydney or let us promote content at 18c per word.

We know what it takes to get those email IDs pouring in that will let you market any new product instantly without too much cost by using Call to Actions or downloadable assets, so don’t wait we’re just a click away to help you make that website become profitable.

Networking and partnering with other websites to promote your Blogs & Articles

Another great way of getting your website out there is through networking and guest posting on other websites in the similar niche. Networking is an amazing asset to have but it can be daunting in real life for many. What with shaking hands, introductions, ice beakers and awkward silences you don’t have to do any of that when it comes to promoting your blog.

It is important to find a community and usually you can find many groups that let business owners come together, share their problems and learning, and generally pave the way to boost up other business owners as well. It can be a cutthroat competitive world when you’re starting out a new business, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone in the journey.

Websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or community forums are good places to start to network with people in a similar niche as you. Forming a strong, well connected network is key to getting your brand out there especially if you’re starting out.

Similarly, guest posting on another blog will help drive new traffic to your site and tap into leads or readers that you may otherwise have missed out on. At the heart of networking lies building professional relationships and it will take time, but this is a sure fire way of creating long term value for your website and brand.

Ask other people to post on your website as well, or let Label & Mint partner you up with people in a similar domain to you and write content that’ll promote you in Western Sydney. We’ll help you target the readers of new websites to drive up organic traffic, boost sales and get your name around the block – well more online but you get the gist of it.

Increase utilisation of your Blogs & Articles through your Email Campaigns

We mentioned this earlier while discussing Call to Actions, but an effective way to make sure your incoming traffic remains consistent without much effort of posting blogs on your website, is through email campaigns. By getting your readers to subscribe to your newsletter you can drive successful marketing campaign for new products or services and remain actively present with your audience.

It is a perfect way to increase utilisation of your blog and to promote articles as well. You can also tap into new readers as well or remind the dormant users to come back and see what is new. In order to do that, you need to make sure that you’re providing something valuable in your email campaigns in the form of downloadable assets, information, or freebies like promotional codes etc.

This will increase your sales traffic like no other, and will help spread the word of your website as well. Email marketing is one of those tried and tested methods of forming sold relationships with your customers by providing valuable content and including promotional content as well.

There are many tools that you can use to create effective email campaigns that will also cost a lot of money but Label & Mint can make that process easier as we customise each and every campaign according to our clients.

If you’re looking to promote your website in Western Sydney by increasing your subscriber pool and tapping into your loyal audience through an email marketing campaign, partner with Label & Mint to get the perfect templates, content, and strategy that will make your analytics go buzzing. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, or products you sell, email campaigns have a good rate of conversions.

Now those are 5 ways through which Label & Mint can help your small business in Western Sydney get on the radar of every customer that is your target. When it comes to SEO, we, at Label & Mint have years of experience in helping clients reach not only their potential but users as well that translate into leads and further on sales as well.

It is important to have good content that is optimised according to niche you business operates within and as a small business owner you already have so much on your plate that finding a partner for SEO within Western Sydney can be the best thing for your business. Label & Mint has thrived on helping businesses reach their potential by increasing their online growth and making them scalable as well.

Working with businesses in different domains hasn’t stopped us from creating content that is top notch, high quality and delivers in terms of increase in organic, increase in ROI, sales conversions and more. We know the potential your business can get too, but do you know?

Let us help you optimise your website that’ll attract users without much effort on your side, and promote your business in Western Sydney through our foul proof content strategies and SEO tactics. Our experience speaks for itself and our clients are proof of our expertise and excellence.

Get in touch with us today, to find the best possible content marketing strategy for you to increase your small business to new heights.