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What Is BYO Theme?

Many people looking to build a website come across the term – BYO WordPress theme and wonder what it means. Simply said, a WordPress theme changes how your WordPress-powered site looks. These aesthetic and functional changes to the design often affect the look and feel of your display.

The purpose of installing a theme is to reduce coding and customisation work for the typical WordPress user. Themes can also help you get closer to the desired style, such as for restaurant/video-based WordPress websites. The best WordPress developers will tell you that customisation is the way to go, but BYO themes are a good option for people looking to build a functional, attractive, low-cost site without the bells and whistles.

Where to Start Researching a BYO Theme

When building a WordPress site, its best to conduct research on BYO themes and some places where you can get them include:

  • WordPress Theme Directory – You can access free themes to experiment with and then move on a more sophisticated, paid theme
  • – This WordPress marketplace offers multiple themes for various needs
  • ThemeForest – It provides a range of themes, graphics, photos and impressive royalty-free music at a minimal monthly fee
  • Mojo Marketplace– offers logos, graphics and plugins
  • Astra – Astra is a theme and not a marketplace but it offers many paid and free versions perfect for those starting out on the platform

Benefits Of A BYO Theme

WordPress is among the world’s most widely used open-source CMSs, and approximately 34.7% of all sites run on it. There are several benefits to choosing a BYO theme such as:

  • It has web-building tools and enables you to add features via different resources and plugins
  • You can customise the layout, and boost performance, ensuring an excellent experience for your target audience
  • The process is quick
  • You can design the website yourself if you have some basic skills
  • Today’s BYO WordPress websites are far more feature-rich than they were up until a few years ago
  • You will get a fully functional, attractive website at a low cost
  • You can get long-term support from experts
  • You do not need to be an experienced web designer to set up a BYO theme WordPress site but it helps to hire professionals if you aren’t confident or don’t have the time to handle the task yourself.
  • You have the option to add functions and features as you go, and this scalability ensures some level of customisation

Even if you plan to get BYO WordPress theme but need more confidence to set up everything, you can hire the best WordPress developers.

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