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Why Small Business Owners Must Blogs in 2020

Blogging for small business owners is a beneficial tool that can assist smaller enterprises to get the most out of the competitive market. Having a well-written blog that is constantly updated can do many wonderful things for growth, and can even help people find your website in a sea of competitors. What many fail to realize is that so many people are using search engines nowadays, particularly Google, which has forced the company to upgrade algorithms and programming. 

What this means is that you are going to need to keep up to date with these algorithms if you plan to survive or stay afloat in an ever-evolving marketplace. Now that you are aware of this, here are a few reasons why blogging will benefit your business:

Blogs Show Your Expertise In Your Industry

The biggest benefit experts at a subject get is trust. Think about why we go to doctors when we get sick and you’ll come up with the answer that says because they went to school and became experts on our health. When you blog and show knowledge on the topic of your products and services, people are likely to take you seriously and see that you know what you are talking about. Nobody would buy products from a seller that didn’t take the time to garner knowledge about their products, so be sure to write about it to show people they can trust you.

Not only does this share knowledge with customers, but they also allow readers to develop a deeper bond with your business and show relevant interest areas for them to get into. If a user reads your blog often and sees the content is well-done and invested in, they are more likely to trust you as a brand. 

Blogs Will Create Value For Your Customers

Blogs can be as creative as possible, and can even generate leads and clients through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. Overly investing into sales posts is a good way to lose leads, as nobody wants too many sales-ey posts due to there being nothing much to follow. By creating a blog that has a lot of value to your customers, they are likely to have a better experience than with your competitors. 

The importance of engaging the customers and making them have the best experience possible is never stressed enough, and blogging gives you this opportunity to do so. By blogging, you prepare your leads leading up to a sale, so that they do not think twice about purchasing something from your business. By informing them about the products they are buying, the free information available to them on your site itself will lead them into choosing to purchase things on their own. 

One tactic you can employ when writing a blog post is to keep SEO in mind. By writing articles with specific keywords that trick the search engine algorithms, you will be able to find better placement on search result pages. Remember that this is a long-term tactic but this is undoubtedly one of the best techniques of modern digital marketing to grow your business. 

Blogs Help With Exposure And Visibility

Business owners who invest heavily in blogging will be blessed with returns in the long run. If a blog is heavily read and found on search engine results pages, this will appear more and more to a larger number of people. If the content is valuable, people are likely to refer to the links on your blog and your business to solve their problems or scratch the itches of their needs. 

Blogging increases brand visibility, as it offers information about products, new trends, or anything related to what people are searching for in terms of your business field. 


Writing blog posts is a great way to keep content on your business website updated and a great avenue to be able to interact with leads to assist you in converting them into customers. While many small businesses feel like they can get away with raw advertising and designs, blogging is a lesser-known technique that even some of the biggest brands utilize to increase growth. 

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